Dj Pop Rek presents Kangols & Shell Toes Old School Hip Hop vol. 1


1. Intro Run DMC
2. Together Forever Run DMC
3. Hey Young World Slick Rick
4. Good Combination Positive K
5. I’m Not Havin’ It Positive K & MC Lyte
6. Jane EPMD
7. We Write The Songs Biz Markie & Heavy D
8. Latoya Just Ice
9. Stop The Voilence BDP
10. Sexy Masters of Ceremony
11. Cracked Out Masters of Ceremony
12. Hold It Now Hit It Beastie Boys
13. Bad Boys Bad Boys
14. Oh Veronica Bad Boys
15. Gucci Time Schooly D
16. Friends Whodini
17. Funky Beat Whodini
18. The Bridge Mc Shan
19. Nightmare Dana Dane
20. Strictly Business EPMD
21. Bring The Beat Back Steady B
22. Girls I Got Em Locked Superlover Cee & Cassanova Rud
23. Ragamuffin Hip Hop Daddy Freddy & Asher D
24. EPMD Interlude EPMD
25. It’s My Thing EPMD
26. Dear Yvette LL Cool J
27. Droppin Science Craig G
28. Kill That Noise Mc Shan
29. Tramp Salt & Pepa
30. Ya Wish Ya Could Special Ed
31. Krush Groovin Run DMC, Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow, Sheila E,
32. If I Ruled The World Kurtis Blow
33. Time To Get Ill Beastie Boys
34. Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz Markie
35. A Fly Girl Boogie Boys
36. Call Me D Nice D Nice
37. Brand New Funk Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
38. The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
39. Paid In Full Erik B & Rakim
40. Mr. Big Stuff Heavy D
41. How To Flow Nice & Smooth
42. Don’t Believe The Hype Public Enemy
43. King Of Rock Run DMC
44. Take It Off Spoonie G
45. Hand On The Pump Cypress Hills
46. AJ Scratch Kurtis Blow
47. I Got An Attitude Antoinette
48. No Delayin Nice & Smooth
49. Do The James Superlover Cee & Cassanova Rud
50. Funky Dividends Three X’s Dope
51. Funky Ultramagnetic Mc’s


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